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We will provide our customers quality service and education in all aspects of termite, moisture and pest control.

An educated customer is an informed customer: therefore providing a stronger team approach between customer and company in protecting the customer's investment.

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Pro-Techs is a certified Termite Moisture and Pest control company providing inspections, Treatment and Repairs in the Southeast Virginia, Hampton Roads area. We provide consultation and services regarding all aspects of Termite, Moisture Control and Pest Control Maintenance and Treatment.


Pro-Techs Exterminating, Inc. is founded on the belief that the education of our clients is the key to excellent customer service. That is why we do not have "Salespersons" on our staff. We are Counselors. Our field personnel will identify any issues you may have, and offer you corrective steps that you as the client can do yourself and/or steps that should be conducted by professionals. These corrective steps do not just include Termite, Moisture and Pest Control issues, but will also include notes to you to properly maintain your home. Some examples would be painting and caulking, leaks, moisture damages, and other issues that may need to be addressed. Most of these issues are not part of a "termite program" but they are things that you need to know to better protect your home from termite and pest problems, so these reports are included in our termite programs.

Community Associations (CA)

Whether you have 4 units or 100+ we have programs that will fit your annual budgets. The service and education that we offer is unparalleled; to fully understand, it is recommended that your CA have a free evaluation performed by our company. We do ask that home owners please go through your CA board or CA manager to request this free evaluation.

Real Estate

The issue of the NPMA-33 and Wood Destroying Organism Attachment (a.k.a. a "Termite Letter") is $75.00. Our goal is to build a trusting relationship with our agents and homeowners. We do not collect for the cost of the letter unless the closing takes place.




1. Do I need to have a termite treatment to obtain a termite program on my home?

Only if you have termites. In most cases if you do not have a termite issue, a basic termite pick-up Control Bond can be issued on your home. (Why should you pay for a termite treatment if you don't have termites?)

2. What is a pick-up Termite Control Bond Warranty?

A pick-up Termite Control Bond Warranty is a warranty on a property when no initial termite treatment is necessary. If an active termite infestation should occur in the future, a treatment will be rendered at no additional cost to the client. This program will not repair any damages.

3. Aren't all companies the same?

Absolutely not! If you are under contract with another company, call and compare. If you don't have a company, pick 3 or 4 other companies and compare them to us.

4. Why does Pro-Techs Exterminating report caulking and painting issues?

In the Tidewater-Hampton Roads area, moisture causes a great deal of damage and is an attractant for termites. Therefore, potential moisture issues need to be identified to prevent further damage.

5. Does Pro-Techs Exterminating recommend Termite Bait Systems?

In some cases, but we do not believe that bait systems are a "front line" defense for termite protection. They are a tool to use in conjunction with conventional methods, and only necessary with certain types of construction.

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